All school districts in Missouri must provide parent education services according to Section 178.693, RSMo and the program requirements outlined in this document, including family personal visits, developmental screenings, group connections, and access to a resource network.

These entities play an important role in the benefits families receive when participating in the program.

The school district develops a budget along with policies and procedures to support and meet the program rules. In addition, the school district provides direct supervision of the service delivery, monitors data to ensure accurate reporting of services, and monitors compliance as explained in this ECDA Administrative Manual.

The Parents as Teachers National Center (PATNC) is the source for the curricula used to support services to families. The Foundational Curriculum supports services to families with children prenatal to three years of age and the Foundational 2 Curriculum to provide services to families with children age three to kindergarten entry. PATNC offers training for parent educators and the program supervisors on the approved curricula. PATNC is also responsible for maintaining the annual subscription process that allows parent educators access to the approved curricula.

The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) administers funds, determines the requirements for implementation of the program, and monitors compliance.