Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, DESE:

Early Learning administers the funding for the program and is responsible for determining and monitoring the requirements set forth within this document. In addition to the administration, DESE provides professional development and guidance to programs through a system of learning communities that is designed to support the curriculum, the model approach and best practice regarding home visitation.

Parents as Teachers National Center (PATNC) provides training for parent educators and supervisors on the approved curriculum and model approach. The National Center is also responsible for maintaining the annual subscription process that allows parent educators access to the approved curriculum.

Local School District:

The school district determines the structure for how the required components of PAT will be delivered and develops a budget along with policies and procedures to support the program requirements. In addition, the school district provides direct supervision of the service delivery and monitors data to ensure accurate reporting of services. In Missouri school districts may plan and structure these services to be offered through a Missouri Affiliate Program or a Missouri PAT Program.

Community Advisory Committee:

  • Critical component of a successful program is the collaboration with the community.
  • All programs must establish a Community Advisory Committee
  • Key stakeholders in the community, early childhood providers, school admin, school board members and other community leaders are possible members
  • Purpose-support and promote PAT services and to assist with the planning and evaluation of service
  • Must meet every 6 months