Missouri Parent Education Program Support

Upcoming Opportunities for Professional Development:

The Center for Excellence in Child Well-Being will be offering two sessions, "Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) with a "Conscious Approach to Discipline for Home Visitors" (virtually), in August and September 2024.

To register:  cfechildwellbeing.org/training/social-emotional learning

About Us 

The activities in this project provide on-going professional development and program support designed to strengthen the Parents as Teachers Parent Education Programs in Missouri. Professional development enhances the knowledge base that informs parent educators and program supervisors of their roles and responsibilities and increases their competence in delivering services to families. A team of Missouri PAT Parent Education Consultants from across the state provide professional development opportunities that include:

These specific activities provide the opportunity for parent educators and program supervisors to enhance their knowledge and skills in implementing the Foundational Curriculum. 

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Program Administrator – Diane Addison

Project Manager – Melanie Stoelting

Technology Supervisor – Patrick Harrison


Additional Program Supports Outside of this Project