PAT Supervisor Checklist

Parents As Teachers

Supervisor Checklist

More detailed information can be found in the ECDA Manual


  • District must designate a PAT Supervisor. Supervisor must complete training approved by DESE six months into the start of the position.

  • District must complete and submit required information to DESE.

  • District must ensure that all funds received for PAT services rendered must be used to provide PAT services.

  • Districts must provide a method for storing all required documentation.

  • Districts must establish Community Advisory Board.

Parent Educators

  • Parent Educators must meet minimum requirements to be hired.

  • School district must maintain annual curriculum subscriptions for all parent educators through Parents As Teachers National Center.

  • Parent Educators must develop annual growth plans.

  • Parent Educators must complete DESE approved curriculum training. (20 hours annually)

  • Supervisor must review the growth plan and provide reflective supervision.

Components of a High Quality Program

  • Districts are encouraged to provide PAT services for 12 months but must provide 9 months of PAT services.

  • Family Personal Visits must be a minimum of 60 minutes in length.

  • Non high needs families- visit monthly- High needs families- offered twice monthly visits.

  • Children 3 months to kindergarten must be offered an annual developmental screening. Written summaries must be shared with parent through personal conference.

  • Group connections must be offered. They must be at least 60 minutes in length.

  • Parent Educators must connect families to resources.

Required Documentation and Reporting

  • School districts must maintain family files. Supervisor should review files at least once each semester to ensure files are kept according to ECDA guidelines.

  • Program files must be maintained for 5 years.

  • District must report PAT Supervisor and all parent educators in Core Data.

  • Districts must assign a MOSIS number to all children participating in family personal visits.