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POSITION GOAL: To successfully provide leadership, oversight and vision for the work of School District name Parents as Teachers. To effectively lead Parent Educators toward reaching the following program goals:

  • Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices
  • Provide early detection of development delays and health issues
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Increase children's school readiness and school success
  • Responsibilities include directing, coordinating, supporting and evaluating the on-the-job performance of parent educators.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in early childhood education, social work or related field
  • Strong interpersonal skills and strong ability in working with young children and their parents
  • Three years successful experience as a parent educator
  • Prior experience/training as a supervisor recommended
  • A commitment to reflective supervision, data collection, and continuous quality improvement,
  • Additional items that the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

New supervisors must complete the week long PAT Foundational and Model Implementation Training before delivering the PAT model or supervising parent educators.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES: Parent educators, screening team, PAT clerical staff


The Coordinator should fulfill the requirements for the Parent Educator job description.

Essential Functions:

  • Coordinate and monitor the delivery of services in accordance with PAT Essential Requirements, PAT Quality Standards, and affiliate policies and procedures.
  • Assures adherence to all requirements as set forth in the Early Childhood Development Act Administrative Manual from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Additional responsibilities shall include:

  1. Interviews, supervises and evaluates Parents as Teachers staff.
    • Provides at least 2 hours of individual reflective supervision monthly to each parent educator
    • Provides orientation/training for new parent educators that begins with hiring and continues throughout the first year after PAT training.
    • Conducts at least 2 hours of staff meetings monthly that cover administrative issues and provide opportunities for review of implementation data, case discussion, peer support and skill building.
    • Observe new parent educators delivering home visits services at least twice within 6 months after training and then at least annually thereafter, providing verbal and written feedback.
    • Coordinates, monitors, and evaluates personal visits, group connections, play dates, record keeping, and recruitment efforts of other parent educators.
    • If not directly involved in delivering group connection services, the coordinator shall observe at least 1 group connection quarterly.
    • Facilitate parent educators' completion of an annual core-competencies self assessment.
    • Assist parent educators in developing written professional development goals.
    • Ensures that parent educators obtain necessary professional development and renew certification withPATNC annually.
    • Develops in-service training for parent educators and screening personnel.
  2. Maintains and monitors parent educator records that pertain to screening, emollment, and participation in the Parents as Teachers program.
  3. Monitors service documentation, data collection, and reporting.

4. Prepares and completes the DESE PAT compliance plan, final report, and other district or state forms and reports.

5. Prepares and completes the yearly Affiliate Performance Report required by the PAT National Center.

6. Participates in the day long regional Advocacy Trainings offered by PATNC every 6 weeks throughout the school year and attends the two day Advocacy Retreat each summer.

7. Invoices DESE at least 4 times per year through the DESE Web Apps system. Applies for DESE training reimbursement for new parent educators as appropriate.

8. Provide Core Data information about PAT to the designated district person responsible for Core Data. Works with the district's Core Data person to obtain MOSIS numbers for PAT children.

9. Plans, schedules, coordinates and assists in conducting group connections and play dates offered by PAT.

10. Plans, schedules, coordinates, participates and records preschool screening data for 3-5 year olds.

11. Supervises, monitors, coordinates and submits required data on the PAT Plus program and/or any other supplementary grant program related to Parents as Teachers.

12. Applies for/collaborates on grants relevant to PAT with permission from the School Board and/or Superintendent.

13. Serves as Chairperson of the Parents as Teachers Advisory Committee. Plans and leads the two required Advisory Committee meetings each year. Participates on other district, community and/or state committees including the Missouri Parents as Teachers Association (MOPATA).

13. Develops and monitors the budget for Parents as Teachers in conjunction with the Superintendent and district business manager. Is responsible for requisitioning and/or purchasing supplies needed for the PAT program or the PAT+ program.

14. Develops/maintains contact with county and community social service agencies, health care personnel, and other organizations in contact with families of young children.

15. Establish and update Memorandums of Understanding with community organizations, along with a Resource Network Directory.

16. Leads PAT team in a variety of recruitment efforts throughout the community.

17. Leads PAT staff in digital record keeping (Visit Tracker, Penelope or other system) as required by DESE and the Parents as Teachers National Center.

18. Supervises and/or prepares mailing of periodic newsletters.

19. Maintains an appropriate web presence and uses other digital media relating to PAT. (Face book, PAT web page on district web site, School Messenger, etc.)

20. Serves as a resource for parent educators and others concerning early childhood issues.

21. Reports to District personnel the status of the Parents as Teachers program.

22. Is available to speak to community groups about the Parents as Teachers program.

23. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools or Elementary Principal.